15-year-old junior golfer who has verbally committed to USC (class of 2020)

How do I grow up?

updated Dec. 2016

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How do I start playing golf?

updated Feb. 27, 2009

It all began in Fall 2005 when I was 3 and half years old. My parents bought me my very first club, a Nike 5 wood. I tried to swing it to hit plastic balls in the backyard everyday. The same year, I got my second club, a Nike putter, as a Chrismas gift. Then, I got my Nike mid-iron and pitching wedge in the coming spring. With just four clubs, I started to play on the course regularly and began my golf journey.

In summer 2007, I joined Santa Teresa Junior Golf Club in San Jose, CA. I felt really thankful to be able to enter their monthly tournament when I was only 5. In summer 2008, I started to compete in Callway Junior World and U.S. Kids Golf World Championships. The best part of playing those tournaments is making a lot of friends, especially worldwide. Now, I have friends from the U.K., Canada, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and all over the world.

I am 6 years old now and will turn 7 in April, 2009. When I grow up, I want to be a PGA tour player. My family will update my developments and achievements on this website, so everyone can watch me grow up and witness how my dream comes true.